You Kick Ass Nomination

When you stayed at one of our hostels did you come across an HI employee or volunteer that went above and beyond - in other words, were they doing a "kick ass job"? If you did, let us know about it, by submitting a nomination. Tell us who they are, where they work, and why they kick ass. That’s it! The purpose of the "You Kick Ass!" program is to publicly recognize exceptional performance demonstrated by our staff and volunteers

You can nominate someone in any one of our 4 customer service standard categories - friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, or quick - or for environmental stewardship. Nominations are sent to the Hostel Manager, so they can recognize and thank the staff or volunteer in person. All nominations are highlighted in an internal news release, and get included in some fun prize draws!

We think our staff and volunteers do a great job every day - and we hope you do too. So, help us recognize them! This will encourage us to keep kicking ass...each time you visit us!

The manager of the property will receive an email notifying them of the nomination.
Please check all that apply.