About the Board

Board Functions

The purpose of the Board of the Association, on behalf of the moral owners (members of Hostelling International), is to see to it that the organization achieves its Ends and operates within the boundaries established by the Board in the Executive Limitation Policies.

Governing Style

The board will govern lawfully and with an emphasis on outward vision, strategic leadership, clear distinction of Board and CEO roles, and pro-activity rather than reactivity.

Board Job Description

The job of the Board is to represent the membership of HI-C-PMR, in doing so, Directors of the Board must be aware that their responsibilities to the membership differ from those of management. In particular, the role of the Board is to be accountable to the members with regards to fiscal responsibility, maintenance and improvement of assets, and adherence and compliance to the mission statement. The Board will concentrate on the following job products, or outputs:

  • The link between the organization and the Owners
  • Written governing policies which, at the broadest level, address Ends, Board Self Management (Governance Process), Board-Executive Relationship, and Executive Limitations
  • The assurance of Executive performance (monitoring)

Board Member's Code of Conduct

Board members have a responsibility to each other, the membership, and to the employees of the organization.

Cost of Governance

The Board deems governance significant and will therefore invest to further the education and capacity of directors and staff.

Monitoring Board Performance

The Board will regularly monitor and discuss its own process and performance.

Monitoring Governance Process Policy Compliance

Monitoring compliance with governance policy is essential to ensure policy effectiveness, assess appropriateness, and help evaluate the quality and performance of directors and the Board as a whole.

National Association

The Board is responsible for the Association's participation, as the representative of its members, in the affairs of the National Association. On formal occasions, the Board must act through a national delegate who shall be a member of the Board.

Election/Voting Process

The roles of the Board, CEO and Nominating Committee in these processes shall be those defined in the bylaws, job descriptions and terms of reference developed by the Board, and as assigned by the Board.

Policy Manual

PDF iconHI-C-PM Board Policy Feb 2017.pdf


PDF iconTrue North Bylaws


Email the board at board.pm.dialogue@hihostels.ca