Wild Mountain Music Festival – Music among mountains and friends.

When you think of culture and music in Alberta, obviously the town of Hinton leaps to mind. Located about an hour east of Jasper, this small town hosts the Wild Mountain Music Festival (WMMF) each July. If the crush of humanity detracts from your enjoyment of the music at the Edmonton and Calgary festivals, then this event is for you. A farmer turns over a huge tract of land to the organizers, and they put together a very relaxed, uncrowded and somewhat eclectic musical weekend. I make it an annual trip– it’s a great addition to a summer journey through the Rockies.


After what seems like CENTURIES (but was really only eleven months) and an extensive renovation, our HI-Calgary City Centre Hostel will reopen June 1st to once again welcome backpackers from around the world. Heavy damage from last summer’s Calgary floods led to the hostel’s closure almost one year ago.

Jasper National Park celebrates Dark Sky month this October

All photos by Paul Zizka Photography.

Jasper is the world's largest accessible Dark Sky Preserve and is an excellent place to celebrate Dark Sky month. Come to Jasper National Park and you’ll finally believe that you can see in the dark. The sky is alive and full of intrigue. Hostelling International has some of the best seats and beds in the preserve for sky watching, bring your telescope and your gear and get ready to be blown away by what you’ll be able to see.

Get unlimited affordable accommodation in Alberta with the HI-Wilderness Season's Pass

Looking for affordable accommodation in the Albertan Rockies and an awesome winter full of endless powder days? How about ice climbing your way to the top of a frozen waterfall, cross country skiing through the Rocky Mountain grandeur or simply breathing the mountain air and feeling close with nature? Does this sound good to you? If yes, then the HI-Wilderness Season’s Pass is your must have winter accessory.


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