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Staying Fit While Backpacking

We’ve all been there – on vacation for a while, eating all the delicious food on all the ‘must try’ lists in every city you visit, drinking nightly, and not necessarily keeping up with the gym schedule you had going before you left.So here are some tips for staying fit while staying in hostels, without having to pay crazy money for monthly/weekly temporary gym passes:

Travelling solo - how to make friends - fast!

Picture this - you arrive at a hostel, you're alone, you do not know anyone. You'd like to have a beer and a friendly chat with someone. To do this you’re going to have to break the ice and get chatting to someone! Here are some ice-breaker tips on how to make friends fast…

Behind the Scenes of an Epic Cross-Canada Trip

Last summer we recruited Gabrielle Caron from HI-Montreal and cameraman Jonathan Brisebois to go on a trip across Canada, stay in HI hostels all over the country, experience each city and film the whole thing! We sat down with Gab and Jonathan to chat about their adventure, get behind the scenes and of course, get some great tips!

5 Reasons Hostels are better than Hotels

If you’re planning any kind of vacation in the near future, you should seriously consider staying in a hostel over a hotel. Hostelling is an amazing way to save money, meet new people and try new things so forget any preconceived ideas you might have about it. Here are 5 great reasons hostels are indeed BETTER than hotels.

Your Guide to Backpacking Cuba Like a Pro

If you are looking for advice on the best restaurants, cafes, and museums, don’t click on the “read more” button. This guide is all about how to get around in a world in which everybody knows somebody, contracts are malleable, time stretches and your only certainty is uncertainty.

What kind of Hosteller are you?

From the staunch traditionalist packing little more than a change of underwear and a few ZigZag papers to the tricked-out 'flashpacker' (an obnoxious buzz word in the industry) carting a laptop, iPod and wheely luggage - hostel managers see all kinds of people every day. Each faces challenges adapting his or her travelling style to hostel life.


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