Behind the Desk | HI-Reykjavík Loft

Sólveig Lára | 19 | HI-Reykjavík Loft in ICELAND

What’s your job title?

I mainly work at the reception but I also take shifts at the bar and water the flowers.

How long have you worked at the hostel?

Since April this year, or since the Hostel opened.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen or heard at the hostel?

Working at the bar I witnessed two men, total strangers, talking about life - becoming friends.

Here’s the summary;
Bodyshape > hormones > ohhh really? > curvy > products > women > rainforest > corruption > palm trees > cash machine > grades > online > really hot girl > save more money > ohhh man!! > VISA > laughing > GPS > boobs > young girls > crazy guys > hahahhhehhahhaheh > corruption > America > yehhh > pretty hot > the girls didn't really know how to flirt > interesting > outgoing > public > Las Vegas >shit > look cool > street people > mental illness > Malaysia > women's group > Russian girls on a train > old woman upset > racist > couldn't get it > complex > white male traditional values…”

They were not trying to hide anything to others at the bar. Of course many weird and funny things happen all the time, but this conversation made me wonder. They became best friends.

What’s the best thing about your job?

People … simply. All the lovely, happy, curious, outgoing, shy and interesting people you meet and get to know:) By working at the Loft Hostel you unite with different people around the world. You learn something new almost every day when guests tell you about life and happiness and share their memories. Another big thing for me is the opportunity to learn from our guests about different countries and places from all over the world. That is probably the best reward.

What do you do when you’re not working at the hostel?

I’m studying philosophy, behavioral biology and gender studies among other things. I love to walk around in the city - eating candy and people watching. I like concerts a lot. They are easy to find all around in Reykjavik, and most of them are for free. I also love taking photos and drawing naked people. Then I love to go to Bragi’s bookstore and sniff the fabulously old books.

What music can we expect to hear when you’re working?

What are your favorite spots in the city?


What off the beaten path activity would you recommend?

I recommend a walk or bus along the coast to Seltjarnarnes. Close to the lighthouse is a small geothermal pool perfect to warm tired feet. It’s also the best place to say goodbye to the sun.


What is a typical day in your city like?

It rains… then the sun comes out but then it rains again. So you go swimming, then you feel tired and cozy so you go to a cafe/museum/concert -> buy some clothes from the Red cross -> look/feel like a superstar -> and go clubbing -> grab some after-club meal and go home to sleep

Where have you travelled?

I’ve travelled quite a lot with my backpack in the Icelandic back country, in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, Peru (Larus Trek/Inca Trail), Bolivia and Argentina as well as some countries of Europe.  

What was your most epic travel experience? / What’s your best travel souvenir?

That would be my trip with dad to the High Atlas in Morocco. We hiked up to Jabel Toubkal, the highest peak in North-Africa. The people of the High Atlas and our guides were amazing and it was probably the most exotic thing I’ve done.

If you could get on a plane tomorrow, where would you go?

Capetown, South-Africa. I’ll explain why when you show up at the Loft Hostel:)

What CAN’T you travel without?

Music, good music.

Finally, the ultimate question: morning or night shifts?

Evening shifts.

Author: Backpacker Buzz

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