An epic snow day in Fernie

Photo credit:              Written by guest blogger: Sadie.
My big epic powder story started at The Kodiak Lounge, when I was enjoying some apre ski action after a day of riding in Fernie. At around 6pm we looked out the window and literally saw snow balls falling out of the sky.....yes snowflakes almost the size of mini snowballs! Within only one hour approx. 25cm of fresh snow had accumulated on the front patio of the hostel, which lead to a huge impromptu snow ball fight and tons of excitement. Everyone knew they were heading to bed early, fat skis ready to get first tracks the following morning.

I am not sure if you have all heard the sayings "powder is thicker than blood" or "no friends on a powder day", when we awoke the next morning to a snow report of 72cm in 24 hours these sayings held true. People running down halls in their ski boots or long johns, shoving pancakes down their mouths, so focused. I luckily managed to get a lift in the hostel van appropriately named the powder hunter, so that gave me an advantage to my friends/fellow powder enthusiasts who had to dig out cars and park. The powder hunter gets VIP powder parking right next to the chair lift and on any given powder day it gets up there before any other shuttle service. After scoring 10th in line for the lift (I couldn't believe my luck) I started strategizing what runs would give me the most mileage and how I would even ski 72cm, this is something I had never done.

Hoping off the lift, my favourite tunes pumping, I pointed my skis and hoped for the best, which was better than I could ever have imagined. I’m not sure how many of you have ever skied powder but 20cm fills you with adrenalin, smiles and complete satisfaction. 75cm is something you will never be able to forget, willowy soft snow billowing over your head, skis sinking into a bottomless pit and when you laugh powder filling your mouth. It’s all encompassing and with the hoots and hollering coming from the chair lift (everyone sharing the excitement, spectators from the chair and powder riders) you literally feel like you’re in seventh heaven. As the day went on and the fresh snow kept coming I couldn't stop even though my legs were starting to feel it. It was to good and something that I did not want to end. Sitting in the bar that night, sipping on a face plant I couldn't stop smiling. I had experienced something that I had only seen in the movies and as far as I was concerned I was living the dream.

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Where to stay: HI-Fernie, Raging Elk Hostel

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